The ‘Workout of the Day’ or WOD, is the workout completed each day at CrossFit Petoskey. We incorporate elements from interval training, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, girevoy sport, calisthenics, strongman and other exercises to give you a constantly varied, functionally designed, highly intense exercise program. It is different every day. Our WODs will prepare for any movement or physical requirement in your daily life! 

What makes CrossFit Petoskey unique, is our ability to SCALE and MODIFY each WOD to your specific fitness needs and fitness ability so create a SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and FUN exercise experience.




Today’s WOD is outlined below…




April 7, 2017

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April 5, 2017

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15' AMRAP!

April 4, 2017

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sumo-ch fun

March 28, 2017

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Hump day!

March 22, 2017

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AMRAP city!

March 21, 2017

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Dumbbell What?

March 18, 2017

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March 17, 2017

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Jump Jump Jump

March 16, 2017

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Triple threat!

March 15, 2017

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Coach Mel is 50!!

March 9, 2017

Not a day over 29...

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March 8, 2017

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Keep adding!

March 7, 2017

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