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  • Jon Jansen, CF-L1, CFK

  • University of Michigan 1994-99, 1997 National Champions, 1998 Big Ten Champions
  • Washington Redskins 1999-2008
  • Detroit Lions 2009
  • Big Ten Network Analyst 2011-Present


I started my training at the University of Michigan where I played from 1994-1999.  I was the captain of our 1997 National Championship team and the 1998 Big Ten Co-Championship team.  I graduated with a degree in Physical Education.  I had a chance to train with one of the all time great strength coaches, Mike Gittleson.  He is a pioneer in the field of strength and conditioning.  We used a lot of the Hammer Strength machines, and supplemented that with whatever Mike would come up with.  Other than the machines you will see the influence Mike has had on me at CrossFit Petoskey. 

I was drafted in the second round of the 1999 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins.  I spent ten seasons with the Redskins and finished my career with the Detroit Lions.  I spent 11 years in the NFL and had numerous strength and conditioning coaches.  With every coach came a different philosophy.  I have been exposed to just about every different philosophy there is and the reasons why they work and others don’t.  Strength coaches in the NFL are very outspoken about their philosophy, and they should be, their jobs and lively hood depends on it.  

Unfortunately, I wasn’t exposed to CrossFit until my playing days were finished. CrossFit is different for me because I have never trained using any of the power or Olympic lifting movements.  I was always under the impression these lifts would expose me to injuries.  They weren’t safe.  Man, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  

Had I known about CrossFit and it’s programming, I may still be playing.  Instead of exposing me to injuries, CrossFit could have allowed me to keep or increase the range of motion in my hips, shoulders and knees, helping to avoid some of the injuries that bugged me later in my career.  It would have saved me time in the gym by completing crushing workouts in an hours time instead of hours upon hours of sets and reps.  

CrossFit has been a revival for me and my health.  Since starting CrossFit I’ve gone from weighing 310 pounds to 265 pounds.  This has been a result of the workouts and an obvious change in my eating habits.  I enjoy working out again.  The constantly varied functional movements done at high intensity have fulfilled many needs for me.  No two days are ever the same and through our ability to scale the workouts, I can compete with anybody in the box.  If you want to see more results through training, ramp up your intensity and see what happens(INTENSITY=RESULTS).  The competition and camaraderie in our box has been the biggest aspect of CrossFit that has fulfilled what I miss most about playing professional football.  

A lot of my passion for CrossFit will be directed towards our high school athletes. Having been an All-State athlete in football, basketball and baseball, I understand how exciting high school sports can be and the passion the athletes perform with.  

I hold a CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids certification.  I can’t wait to get the opportunity to work with you and your kids, share some of my experiences and help you obtain all your goals inside and outside of CrossFit Petoskey.