About Us

The CrossFit prescription is constantly varied, functional movements, done at high intensity.  Intensity is relative to the individuals current physical and mental state and what ultimately produces results.  Every time you come to a class you will be coached by a CrossFit certified trainer.  No more individual work outs and no more having to come up with your own fitness plan.  We do the planning for you.  Every work out is programmed to include a wide variety of strength, flexibility, gymnastics, endurance components and much more.  You will never become bored again with repetitive sets and stagnant workouts.  Every day will be a new challenge aimed at increasing your overall fitness.  

CrossFit’s functional movements utilize motor recruitment patterns found in everyday life.  We train to make your life safer, easier, healthier and more enjoyable.  Functional movements are mechanically sound and therefor safe.  Like I mentioned before you will have a coach everyday.  Our coaches make sure you understand the technique of every lift and allow you to perform them safely.  If you have any physical issues, our coaches can easily scale any exercise or work out to allow you to participate fully and safely. 

Our goal at CrossFit Petoskey is to give you the tools to live healthier, happier lives and help you attain any goals you set inside and outside of our gym.