Published January 16, 2015

Melissa Sharpe


The “definition” of CrossFit is basically how Coach Mel lives her life … constantly varied with high intensity.  With her coaching, office work, catering and two teenage boys, it couldn’t be any closer to the truth.

She grew up out west and, after living in Guatemala for a short time and doing mission work in Mexico, received her BA in Spanish from Colorado State University while working in real estate at the same time.  After relocating to Petoskey in 1998, she enjoyed raising her two boys and continuing her career in real estate.

In 2006, she found her true passion — running -- and spent two years traveling and running various races, starting with 5Ks and working up from there with an occasional duathalon thrown in for good measure.  In 2008, she realized her dream of completing a full marathon in Chicago.  Needing to take a break from the demands of running, her next adventure was training for a body building competition.  Through this experience, she learned a lot about nutrition and mental toughness.

In 2010, Dennis & Hillary Klepadlo were to blame for her love and addiction to Crossfit.  This journey has by far been her longest and favorite.  By February 2012, she became a CF-L1 trainer and shortly thereafter, CFKids trainer.  Since that time, she has received certifications in Olympic Lifting, Goal Setting, Endurance, Rowing, Mobility and Defense and is now a full time coach, motivating adults and kids on a daily basis.

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