Published January 16, 2015

Sue Ortlieb


Sue’s background is in education where she spent 20 years as an early childhood educator, mainly teaching kindergarten in both public and private educational settings.  She received her undergraduate education at Michigan State University in Elementary Education and completed a Masters in Early Childhood Education through Grand Valley State University.  The most meaningful credential she acknowledges is being married over 25 years to her husband Todd and a mother to their two children:  their son Cal and daughter Emma, who is in high school.

Sue recently became a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach and a CrossFit Kids Certified Coach in the spring and summer of 2014.  She did this to prepare for a career change from education to starting a non-profit after school program (Northern Michigan Power Kids), which focuses on healthy lifestyles for children, including CrossFit Kids.  She is super grateful for CrossFitters from our box who volunteer their time to the program!  She also completed the certifications to help coach our CrossFit Kids classes at CrossFit Petoskey.  She feels fortunate to learn from all of her fellow coaches.

Coaching is so rewarding in many ways!  Children are wired to move and to be active.  Sue loves seeing them enjoy the sheer fun of movement and also to help them discover or improve motor skills through CrossFit Kids.  It’s a privilege to help them learn a variety of well executed functional movements that will serve them as they grow.  It’s the best feeling to see a child become more confident in him/herself through CrossFit Kids- this confidence carries over to other areas of their life such as social relationships, academics, etc.

CrossFit is a great community builder.  It has been an amazing experience to begin CrossFit knowing very few people to becoming an active member.  One of the first things you learn is that CrossFit is a supportive environment.  From the sincere encouragement of fellow members to fun events hosted by our box to Hero WODs, CrossFit brings people together...people who work together to improve the quality of life for everyone, with the benefits of CrossFit affecting not only our health, but our occupations, interests and relationships.

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