Meet Our Member - Bill Seguin

Published July 1, 2019

You can look at fitness and health from a variety of angles, especially when it comes to the subject of motivation. 

There are long term goals. 

There are short term goals. 

There’s progress on the scale. 

And looking good in a bathing suit. 

Dropping your blood pressure.

And keeping up with the kiddos. 


For Bill Seguin, it’s about the game. It’s about the excitement of “3,2,1, GO!” It’s the throwing the weight around. It’s about hoisting your chin above a pull-up bar. It’s the jumping high and standing on your hands. It’s the barbells and the plates. 


For Bill working out is fun. This is something that so many of us can learn from. Practicing new skills, smashing personal records, performing movements that would have never before been on his radar is motivation enough! That’s what keeps him coming every morning. 

This is why he’s often referred to as “Mr. Consistent.” 


Another wonderful example of the type of people we have at CrossFit Petoskey, this man brings smiles, jokes, a great attitude, work ethic, patience, and a will to be better every single day. 


Often outnumbered by all the ladies at the 6am class, he isn’t intimidated. Don’t take that statement lightly. There are some tough ladies at CFP!

 In Bill’s first days at CFP it was ring rows and empty barbell front squats. This is what he was capable of at the time. This takes patience, discipline and attention to detail to take him to where he is today —that being one of the top performing male athletes over 50 years old at CFP. And putting on quite the physique to boot!  


If you happen to hit the 7am class at CFP, you’ll probably see Bill doing some extra credit ab work after the WOD. Make sure to give him a high five, and thank him for being a part of our amazing fit family. 


What do you like most about CrossFit Petoskey? 

The people, aka the CFP Community, are the best. Everyone goes out of their way to support, encourage, motivate, and congratulate each other regardless of where they are on the fitness spectrum from day 1 beginner to elite athlete.


Why do you do CrossFit over other fitness programs? 

I’ve tried weight training, spin classes and a few other random fitness activities, but nothing has provided the results of CFP. Starting it at 51 years old, I was apprehensive, but now realize it really is functional fitness for all ages and abilities enabled by the scaling of exercises and personal guidance from the coaches. As I was single-handedly moving some bunk beds recently, my dad remarked to me, “Geez, those CrossFit workouts are paying off!”.


What is your favorite movement in the gym? Far from having perfected it, but my favorite movement is probably the Snatch. It’s an invigorating exercise moving the barbell from the ground to overhead and using full body mechanics to make it happen.


What is a short or long term goal you have? 

Long term goal is continuing to improve overall fitness as I grow older. With the wide range of exercises at CFP, my short term goals are the most fun and they are to develop the ability to do more of the exercises. For instance, just did my first full set of kipping toes-to-bar. Next goal is bar muscle-ups!

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